Our lives are becoming more & more connected to, and reliant on digital devices every year.

We are using mobile phones, tablets and screens more than ever before, both in and out of work. This is providing new challenges for the human eye.


The biggest source of blue light comes from the sun and in the morning this helps us wake up and take on the challenges of the day!

Digital devices also emit blue light and over exposure to this can have a significant impact on our wellbeing.


Symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, reduced concentration and digital eye strain are all very common to screen users.

Difficulty sleeping at night can also be a symptom of over exposure as blue light can aid in blocking something called melatonin. This is our body’s natural hormone that helps us know when it’s time to sleep.


Ultra Blue Max lenses offer seamless strain free vision, with both indoor and outdoor protection against UV and blue-violet light.

The embedded technology uses a material formula that absorbs UV and blue violet light rays, preventing them from entering the eye which may help to alleviate these symptoms and regulate sleeping patterns.