Our frames are ethically and responsibly produced at every stage from manufacture to distribution. Our great designs are only paired with the industry gold standard for eyewear acetate.

Why we only use Mazucchelli acetate...

Established in 1845 with six generations of family experience in acetate manufacturing, Mazzuchelli still remain at the forefront of premium acetate production and are the best in our industry. Their Italian acetates are known for their superior tensile strength, rich colour lustre finish, hypoallergenic properties, lightweight feel and are made to last with exceptional durability.




Other frame components...

All our frames are fitted with high quality stainless steel barrell hinges. This ensures our frames remain sturdy and strong. Our hinges are combined with hardwearing premium screws to withstand day to day frame movements ensuring your frames remain comfortable and remain in the correct place to be worn.

Where are the frames made…

We have partnered with an expert frame making company to produce our eyewear at their family run factory based in the Northern Italian Alps. They share our same core values and ensure all frame components are responsibly sourced and are meticulous in overseeing every stage of manufacture of our handmade frames. We’re very proud to be working together to create the Cubo collection.




The frame manufacture process : London - Italy - London

The frame journey begins at the design process (our favourite part!). A prototype of all the components of the frame are checked with our in house Optometrist for approval to ensure the final product will be suitable both clinically and aesthetically. The next stage in making the design come to life is handed to our Italian partners with their decades of expertise in crafting the best hand made eyewear with premium materials for our frames. Each Cubo frame takes between 4-6 weeks from the start to end stage of production and consists of numerous stages of manufacture many that can only be done by hand to ensure beautifully hand made eyewear.