Our Mission.

At Cubo, we believe that eyewear is one of the most powerful accessories.
Whether you’re looking for everyday frames or building a
mix-and-match collection, you deserve more options that reflect your
Luxury eyewear has the power to shape the way you see the world,
and how the world sees you. Creative, iconic, classic, minimalist, or daring?
Cubo helps your personality shine through.


Our Process.

Cubo acetate glasses are designed in London, handcrafted in Italy, and 
lab-checked by a London-based optician. We could have partnered with a 
cheaper, faster factory close to home, but you deserve better! 
Every pair of luxury glasses is handmade at a family-run factory in the 
Northern Italian Alps. Our team in London and the artisan team in Italy 
work together to ensure that every pair of frames gets the Cubo stamp of
Good things take time... four to six weeks, to be precise. From the first 
production run to the last quality check, we never rush the process. Cubo 
is proud to team up with a world-class Italian manufacturer who also 
understands the value of elite craftsmanship.


Our Promise.

Cubo is a new, dynamic voice in the world of designer frames, and 
we do it all for you. Our spectacles are ethically made and fairly 
Plus, we prioritise renewable resources and plan to launch a fully 
eco-friendly collection by 2023. Let’s do good together!


Our Founders.

James and Dee founded Cubo Eyewear in 2019 after working in the 
optical industry for more than 20 years. They perfected their crafts as a 
qualified Optometrist and lab technician, but something was 
missing. All too often, customers were disappointed with the limited 
range of styles, lack of comfort, and overpriced quality from 
mainstream brands.
They set out to find partners who were committed to creativity 
and innovation. Together, they’re changing the industry 
with higher quality standards and courageous new designs that align 
with their aesthetic vision.